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Info #1 from John Alderman

I've been involved with "beaver management" most of my almost 40 year career.  Unless you are willing to eradicate beavers from throughout a subbasin, you can't get rid of them.  Even then, particularly for a subbasin as small as Pokeberry Creek, it will be temporary.  Second, if anyone tried to eradicate beavers from the entire Pokeberry Creek Subbasin via working with USDA, impacts to Cape Fear Shiner habitat in the Haw River would have to be assessed by the USFWS with a request coming from USDA.  Remember, these beaver impoundments along Pokeberry Creek help to process nutrients and toxicants before the water makes its way to the Haw River. This is the water we drink and the water Cape Fear Shiners lives in.

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