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California Beaver Summit

Several of us 'attended' the 2 day 10 hour total exceptional summit last week (April 2021).

More than 1000 people registered from 31 states and 4 countries

The Summit is available from their website and at

youtube and

Session 1

BEAVER ESSENTIALS: History and Management Keynote Address: Beaver Habitat and Salmonids – Michael Pollock

  • Beaver Introduction

  • California Beaver History

  • Climate change and how beavers can help

  • Tribal Restoration Partners

  • Beavers, Amphibians and Birds

  • CDFW Policy and habitat

  • Common conflicts and how to manage

  • Local examples of beaver management

Session 2

BEAVER DYNAMICS: Ecosystems and Restoration Keynote Address: Keynote Address: Beavers & Fire Refugia – Emily Fairfax

  • Human Dimensions of Beaver Restoration

  • Beavers, BDAs & Coho Salmon Recovery

  • Low-Tech Process-Based Restoration of Riverscapes

  • Beavers for Restoration & Conservation

  • Barriers to beaver Restoration

  • Bring Back the Beaver Campaign Updates

  • Community Involvement and SLO Beaver Brigade

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