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California Beaver Summit

Several of us 'attended' the 2 day 10 hour total exceptional summit last week (April 2021). More than 1000 people registered from 31...

Info #2 from John Alderman

Ok, folks, I just finished walking the trails along Pokeberry Creek in Briar Chapel.  It's definitely not a pretty sight.  There is a...

Info #1 from John Alderman

I've been involved with "beaver management" most of my almost 40 year career.  Unless you are willing to eradicate beavers from...

Great Info

Thank you Peter Theye for sharing this info: Beavers are naturals, their dams clean up a watersheds. We pay good money to dam streams to...

Beaver and Climate Change

Great article shared by Lisa McDowell Thanks Lisa!

Benefits of Beavers

Great short video from the BBC

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