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Get involved. 

Here are some of the ways to get involved:
Path Improvement Project- Progress Report

Paul Stewart bought a load of gravel to improve the path that runs along the beaver pond area at the end of Creek's Edge. Gravel was delivered yesterday and Ace laid some along the path. Much work still needed, so if you are inclined to help, please take the shovel that is with the pile and add gravel to the path. If you would like to contribute (modestly) to the cost of the gravel (total $170) in lieu of shoveling, please contact Paul or Ace via Next Door or in passing. Thanks!

Join one of the Committees

Hi all-  We had a small (10 of us), lively and focused meeting at Chapel in the Pines from 7-9 p.m.


We welcomed some new faces- Aimee Dean and Margaret Pennybacker from BC, JessicaJoe and Bryan Groza from Polks Trail.  Happy that they want to be involved!!


We spent a short time going over consensus meeting process (I made a handout, available from me or at the next meeting).  Also, I have handouts from the Beaver Institute giving a concise overview of beaver benefits.


We spent the bulk of our time brainstorming ideas and forming committees.  Lots of great ideas/ contacts/ skills were discussed.  We did not have a designated minute taker, so I hope everyone remembers their contributions.  I think that in the future we should record the meeting and have someone summarize from the recording, so that things don't get missed.  Please, other attendees, feel free to add to this summary.


What did get recorded were the committees that we agreed on, and contacts for each.  We encourage everyone who did not attend to volunteer for as many committees as you can.  None of them can be done by one or two people.


OUTREACH (Extension service,allied groups,BC relationship,welcome center

interface)  Valerie


RESEARCH (stream statistics, water quality,inventory of fauna & flora)

JessicaJoe and Bryan


EDUCATION (children and adults,citizen science) Bianca and Ace


EVENTS/PROGRAMS (workshops, artwork,speakers, films) Luna


COMMUNICATION/PUBLIC RELATIONS (media and etc.) Diane and Aimee




MEETING FACILITATION (Agenda, facilitating meeting) Luna, Bianca, Diane


FINANCE (we hope, Cindy)


We also decided on a "FIELD TRIP" to walk the creek this Saturday, June 23 @ 9 a.m.  Ace will lead this walk along the creek.  Please wear a hat, lightweight clothes and sturdy shoes, bring bug spray if you like and water.


NEXT MEETING- we are waiting for confirmation that we can use the wonderful meeting space at Chapel in the Pines on WED. JUNE 27 from 7 to 9 p.m.

We'll confirm as soon as we hear back.

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