Preserve Wetland and Beaver habitat now and for generations to come.

We are dedicated to protecting The Pokeberry Creek wetlands and beaver colony. Our mission is to preserve and enhance this unique environment, increase the biodiversity and be an educational destination for area schools and colleges.

The Benefits of Beaver Dams and Wetlands

  •  Flood Control

  •  They function as the earth's kidneys; plants and microbes filter water and remove or destroy many pollutants. 

  •  Provide clean water to the Haw River and Jordan Lake, the source of drinking water for much of the region. 

  •  Provides habitat for diverse array of plants and animal species.

  •  Unique nature areas offering recreation opportunities. 

  •  Natural spaces that improves property values in the community. 

  •  Opportunities for education and research.

Latest Project

Beaver Dam water leveler device helps to lower the level of the beaver dam to address potential flooding upstream

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